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Let's review 2020 and take the positive aspects with us into New Year.
In the coming article, you will find out what new technological possibilities we can offer you.

XXL MDI Exposure System
The requirements for high-end printed circuit boards continue to increase. Depending on the application, communication, antenna and radar structures can take on sizes of over 1000mm.
For the structuring of such large PCB's, XXL - production lines are also necessary. In order to meet your expectations of tomorrow, we are expanding our machine park.

Our new machine is the MDF XXL exposure from Schmoll.

Varioprint is the strategic manufacturer of double-sided oversize PCB's with dimensions up to 1160x570mm for customers in telecommunication and medical industry.

Before the structuring is done with the laser, a registration accuracy of +/-15µm is made possible by a CCD camera system. With different speeds, line/space values of up to 15µm can be realised. One advantage of this system is, that conductor pattern and solder resist can be exposed.

Various QR code types can be directly applied in the solder resist with your specified information, thus ensuring complete traceability.
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