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Varioprint, Inc. a USA subsidiary of Varioprint AG, an advanced printed circuit board manufacturer located in Switzerland, announces that Varioprint, Inc. is ITAR registered with the US Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, and has recently received approval for a manufacturing license agreement with Varioprint AG. Pursuant to the manufacturing license, Varioprint AG may manufacture custom designed printed circuit boards for Varioprint, Inc. to sell for use in defense articles.  Varioprint, Inc and Varioprint AG have implemented ITAR compliance programs to assure the appropriate and compliant handling of ITAR technology and information.  Varioprint, Inc. will immediately begin marketing this technology to US defense contractors.  

Varioprint your ITAR partner
Varioprint AG is a leading manufacturer of high reliability rigid, rigid-flex and flexible printed circuit boards, with expertise in high frequency RF (over 100 GHz), including the ability to produce coaxial vias. Varioprint also specializes in fine line technology to provide advanced packaging substrates. The combination of these technologies will help to provide solutions to a variety of military applications such as micro-electronics packaging, radar, and communications for military, aerospace, and space applications.  

“We are excited to work with our subsidiary to expand the Varioprint AG technical offerings to the USA military market,” said Nicolas Härtsch, CEO of Varioprint AG. Greg Ferrian, Vice President of Varioprint Inc. added, “The unique offerings of Varioprint AG are well suited to a variety of special needs in the USA military market. We are excited to be able to bring these opportunities to our military customers”  

ITAR Registration number: M40492
Manufacturers License number: 050719152 (MA-0184-20)
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