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Extension of our technology portfolio /
Expansion of the product engineering team

Developing innovative and at the same time realisable ideas, i.e. making the impossible possible, has always been our strength. Over the last 50 years we have built up a wide range of products and technologies for you. In the field of high-frequency technology or the production of ultra-fine conductor design PCBs, we are now one of the world's leading manufacturers. Curiosity gives us the power to think ahead and to tackle visionary technology topics. As the latest example of this, we are presenting you today with the mSAP technology, among others.
Product Engineers
To ensure that we can continue to meet the growing technological requirements in the future, we have expanded our product engineering team. With Yannick Ackermann and Haris Sabanovic, two more PCB specialists are now at your disposal.
Lamination Technologies
Complex hybrid structures, printed circuit boards with special thermal materials (IMS technology), Teflon material for high-frequency printed circuit boards, or the connection of printed circuit boards with adhesive foils or coverlays - they all require a precisely coordinated lamination process.
Varioprint offers a variety of processes for this purpose, so that we can successfully realize even the most unusual customer requirements. Read more
mSAP Technology
Miniaturization and new market requirements demand the development of innovative solutions in order to provide our customers with the best possible production technologies in the future. One of these innovations to meet the increasing demand in the field of fineline PCB’s is our activity in the development of the modified Semi Additive Process (mSAP). Read more

The Covid-19 pandemic: When the world goes off the rails
Only a few weeks ago, nobody could have imagined that life as we know it would change so radically from one day to the next. Output restrictions, closed borders and a shutdown of the economy are causing enormous uncertainty. Safety stocks, reserve capacities and on-site production are buzzwords that suddenly no longer have a negative impact. Global just-in-time production has to be readjusted, process chains have to be rethought. We are proud of the close and strategic partnership with our worldwide customers, for whom we have been a reliable and economically sound partner for 50 years now. Thank you for counting on us! VARIOPRINT: Trust - Responsibility - Reliability 
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