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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Today we would like to inform you about the following topics:

  • Investment in fine-line technology
  • Granted "Supplier of the Year Award"
  • Maintenance and Servicing during the Season Break
Varioprint invests in Vacuum-Etching system
The next step towards «Fine Line»

At the beginning of the year 2017, the project ultra-fine line production was started. We intend to have implemented a production process which can map designs of 25µm line/space with a high yield rate, by the end of 2018. 

First investments in new tunnel machines have already been successfully installed over the last months. The next step to follow is the investment in a new acid etching system.

After an intensive phase of evaluating our choice was the InfinityLine provided by the company Schmid.  InfinityLine comprises the whole DES-Process; that is developing, etching and stripping, each with its top performance.  Depending on the production batch, the required parameters for the processing will be set automatically. In combination with digital pressure sensors and flow- rate meters the InfinityLine guarantees consistent quality and reproducibility. At its core is the vacuum etching process. In order to fully avoid “ponding effects” in the future, suction lances will be installed between the jet pipes, which absorb the used etching medium and take it to the tank unit. Powerful vacuum bellows produce a constant vacuum. An absolutely smooth and consistent etching-rate is the basis for the successful production of 25µ Designs.

Supplier of the Year 2017
Varioprint was granted Supplier of the Year Award 2017 by Infineon

It was a great honor for us to be chosen as Supplier of the Year 2017 by Infineon. The award is the acknowledgement of our achievements, an appreciation which we were happy to pass on to our employees on the occasion of our annual company event at the end of November. It also fosters the commitment to keep up the responsibility for quality and delivery reliability, and not to rest on our laurels.


Festive Award Ceremony at the formal event in Singapore.
Happy New Year
Season‘s Greetings

We thank You for the great collaboration with us in 2017 and wish You and your families and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year 2018!

Our production will be closed from 23.12.2017 until 1.1.2018. From 2nd January 2018 our team will be at your service again, well-rested and motivated as always. However, our workshop team will be working hard even at that time to set up the new installations, and carry out the necessary maintenance jobs.  

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